REST Console version 1.1.3

All API's resources
Click in "Get token for test" or insert your access_token. If the resource selected needs access token, it will be filled automatically. Universal Resource Identifier. ex: /sites/MLA
The desired action to be performed on the identified resource.
seconds Timeout in seconds before aborting.
Content-Types that are acceptable.
Character sets that are acceptable.
Acceptable encodings. See HTTP compression.
Acceptable languages for response.
Content Headers
The mime type of the body of the request (used with POST and PUT requests)
Acceptable encodings. See HTTP compression.
The length of the request body in octets (8-bit bytes).
an HTTP cookie previously sent by the server
A Base64-encoded binary MD5 sum of the content of the request body.
Request Payload
This will create a RAW body and treat the params below as query string params only.
Choose one file to upload. By default, file names will be used as paremter keys.
Overwrite the file upload parameter key.